Alec Bradley Connecticut Review

You would be hard pressed to find a hotter manufacturer on the market today than Alec Bradley. Coming off the heels of the successful Black Market and Fine & Rare launches last year plus the #1 rating in Cigar Aficionado for the Prensado, it is safe to say Alec Bradley has made their mark on this industry. But like any good company they were not content to sit on their laurels and ride the wave, they continue to blend and market new products for us consumers. The newest, simply called the Alec Bradley Connecticut, will be our review subject today. Coming in at 5 sizes, all of the traditional vitola are covered. Churchill, torpedo, robusto, corona and toro, our review subject today being the toro. Based on past releases, I am quite excited about this one from Alec Bradley.

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Size: Toro 6 x 50

Wrapper: Ecudaroan Shade Connecticut

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran

Strength: Mild-Medium

Flavor: Medium

Cost: $7.50/stick or $136.50/box of 20

Appearance: The Alec Bradley Connecticut is wrapped in a soft, light brown looking wrapper that is just gorgeous. A slight oil makes the latte colored wrapper glisten ever so slightly and really makes this cigar make your mouth water before it is even lit. There are just a couple of minor veins running down the cigar but they do not take away from the striking beauty of the wrapper. The band is nicely done in white, red and gold and really sits against the cigar nicely. In some points it seems to blend right in with the wrapper but the red really makes it pop. Very well designed and the color scheme is just right for this stick.

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Pre-light Aroma: The Alec Bradley Connecticut wrapper smells very light, with just some slight floral notes recognizable. The foot is where the aroma’s really pop, with the floral scent mingling with a vanilla bean sweetness and a hint of caramel as well. Once clipped, the dry-draw only adds to the sweetness, with the overwhelming flavor being a fruity-floral sweetness. There isn’t any spice before the cigar is lit and the wrapper leaves a tea leaf like flavor on the lips. Let’s get some flame to this and see where it takes us!

The first third of the Alec Bradley Connecticut starts of solidly in the mild category but very full of flavor. The creamy vanilla bean flavor is dominant over flavors of hay and walnuts. The draw is easy and provides ample amounts of thick, rich smoke. The retrohale is much more earthy in tone, with the hay and floral tones really coming through. Several dimensions start this stick off in a great way. The burn line remains even through the two inches and the ash stays strong past an inch. The great construction is definitely evident already.

The middle of the Alec Bradley Connecticut continues on a similar path. The vanilla bean is still present but in a more of a background role. The walnut and hay flavors have stepped up to the forefront and the strength has stayed right at the mild point. The smoke is still creamy and very rich as the thick clouds of smoke roll off your lips. Each puff provides ample smoke and brings the flavors right to your tongue. The burn line has stayed perfect all the way through to this point without any touch-ups or relights.

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

As creamy as the Alec Bradley Connecticut is in the first two thirds, it is even more so in the final third, which I wasn’t sure was possible. The vanilla bean and nuts combine to make a beautiful bouquet of flavors that dance on your tongue with each puff. This cigar started good and finished even better, very impressive to say the least. Another good Connecticut has hit the market and this is another winner from Alec Bradley.

Cigar King Staff Quotes:

Josh- “Alan has been on such a roll, it is amazing how he keeps the momentum going. The Alec Bradley Connecticut definitely fits the bill.”

Gary- “Great stick to enjoy in the morning with coffee or after a small lunch in the afternoon.”

Kole- “Sweet, creamy, rich and smooth. Everything I look for in a cigar.”

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