Camacho Criollo Toro Cigar Review

Camacho Criollo Cigar Review

The Camacho Criollo is one of the famous Camacho blends that received a tweak with the relaunching of the Camacho brand. The brand continues to utilize the distinctive tobacco grown from the Eiroa families farms in Honduras. Criollo is typically known for its soft spice on the front end, with a healthy dose of creamy wood and floral notes. With this Criollo being grown in Honduras, a region known for typically have more robust and bold tobacco, we should see all of the aforementioned characteristics have a bit more brunt, at least in theory. We’ll see how that translates in execution with this review.


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Camacho Criollo Cigar Review


Cigar: Camacho Criollo

Size: 6×54 Toro

Wrapper: Honduran Criollo 98

Binder: Honduran Authentic Criollo

Filler: Honduran Criollo, Dominican Piloto Cubano

Camacho Criollo Cigar Review

Appearance and Pre-light Aroma:

The Camacho Criollo is visually quite appealing, the wrapper looks like a slightly darker and more robust Connecticut. The texture is smooth, with a moderate amount of oil. There are a few pronounced veins, but the cigar is largely free of them. A fine layer of tooth runs throughout the cigars length.

Aromatically, the Camacho Criollo has largely a fairly mild scent. A deep raisin and plum sweetness is most dominant, with a dose of floral wood and nuts rounding out the rest of the aroma.


First Third: 

Pro-tip, don’t attempt to light a cigar under windy conditions. After what would be described as a struggle at best, the Camacho Criollo lights up evenly all around. The first descriptor that comes to mind is creamy. The second is musky. The Camacho Criollo hits the palate smooth, with a bit of a bite on the front end. Almost immediately, this incredibly enriched flavor of musky butter begins to work its way into the tongue. Those descriptors may sound off-putting on paper, but are actually really quite tasty. Lots of dry wood as well, with a particularly sharp cedar. Strength doesn’t seem to be being perceived as higher than medium, but body and flavor both have quite a bit of heft.

Camacho Criollo Cigar Review

Second Third:

The ash has held on well into the second third. Typically I don’t place to much emphasis on how long an ash holds, but hey, it’s always cool when you get more than inch or so. Flavor-wise there has been a conservative but noticeable increase in pepper, and a slight decline in some of the more floral flavors. There is definitely a fair bit of musky wood right in the mid-range, as well as an incredibly defined and nuanced aged cedar note. If you’ve ever opened a sealed box of cigars that’s been aging for nearly a decade you’ll the know the aroma I’m talking about. A bit of bite still hits on the front end, and a bit of mineral-y pepper lingers in the finish. The Camacho Criollo is showing its Eiroa-grown Honduran roots nicely.

Camacho Criollo Cigar Review

Final Third:

The Camacho Criollo is at its most potent in the final third, with the entire profile having been metaphorically ‘tightened’ into something a bit more direct. Lots of wood and earthy minerals, with a balanced bit of nuts in the mix as well. Balance is great, and the cigar doesn’t feel as if its struggling to remain consistent puff to puff. As mentioned earlier, its heritage as Eiroa-grown Honduran tobacco run deep, the flavor is unapologetically that of bold brazen Honduran Criollo tobacco. It’s something that is hard to articulate into words, but is instantaneously recognizable to those who are familiar with it.

Camacho Criollo Cigar Review

Burn and Construction:

Top-notch all the way around. The cigar is sturdy, the wrapper isn’t particularly fragile, and the cigar is visually attractive. The burn is more or less razor sharp from start to finish, and the ash holds on for absurdly long periods of time. As a smoker, I am satisfied on all fronts in this category.



The Camacho Criollo fills a niche that I think is underestimated. I talk to countless individuals who enjoy mainly mild Connecticut’s, but are looking for something more. Most of these guys are often hesitant to jump up to something that might be traditionally defined as medium-bodied, as they tend to view the entire category as an overwhelming array of drastically different flavor profiles, which is true to an extent. Insert the Camacho Criollo into the equation, and now you have a cigar that has a flavor profile that isn’t terribly out of the wheelhouse of what these smokers know, and has quite a bit more going on in the way of flavor and complexity. For guys who smoke all over the map, the Camacho Criollo is more than distinguished enough to entertain a developed palate. Factor in a price point of around $6 for a toro and you’ve got yourself a cigar that can be smoked on a daily basis by a wide-array of smokers.



3.75 out of 5


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