Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar Review

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar Review


If there is one thing that piques my interest, it’s a Nicaraguan puro. The cigar in question today is the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva, and as you might of guessed from the first line,this cigar is indeed a Nicaraguan Puro. Eduardo Fernandez announced in 2011 that Casa Fernandez would be opening a factory in Miami, to run in addition to the factory in Honduras. The Miami, and the subsequent Reserva version are the first releases from the new facility. Despite the new location, Casa Fernandez has kept true to their roots; both the Miami and the Miami Reserva still use Eduardo Fernandez’s famous Aganorsa tobaccos. The Miami Reserva in particular features Medio Tiempo Maduro, Ligero and Viso tobaccos grown from various areas in Nicaragua. Eduardo’s Aganorsa Ligero in particular is so sought after that several lawsuits have been fought over it (the details of which will not be discussed here), all of which Eduardo has won.Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar ReviewSpecifications:

Cigar: Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva

Size: Robusto

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Flavor: Full

Sizes Available: Robusto, Toro, and the “Titan” 6×60


Appearance and Pre-light Aroma:

The Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva has a light brown wrapper, very similar to that of milk chocolate in color. It passes the pinch test quite nicely, and leaves a healthy feel of oil present on your fingertips. To be straight forward; this cigar is visually a bit rugged, but function over form is never a bad thing. The wrapper is lined with some prominent veins that are noticeably raised from the rest of the wrapper, almost like stitches. At the risk of sounding like a romanticist, one can’t help but view this as a cigar for man’s man.

Taking a whiff of the foot greets you immediately with the distinct aromas that Eduardo Fernandez’s ligero tobacco is known for. Rich, with notes of black pepper, cocoa and a layer of hay lathering the tongue. The dry draw is near perfect, and yields a bit of leather that had gone unnoticed through sniffing the foot.

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar Review

First Third:

Firing up the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva introduces a rich, creamy plume of smoke to the palate. As expected, the characteristics of Eduardo’s famous ligero shines through immediately. A full bodied wave of exotic pepper and spice, with notes of hickory wood and walnuts. Cuban-esque in profile, rich to the point of being downright buttery, and spattering the palate with pepper and spice; this cigar comes swinging for the fences immediately.


Second Third:

After making a statement with it’s entrance, drawing into the second third of the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva sees many refinements to the profile. All of the characteristics have relaxed into their respective areas in the profile, but don’t interpret this as meaning it’s backed off in its intensity. While still writhing with power, it has tamed itself enough to distinguish a leather note that was only hinted at in the first third. A rich chocolate has also developed, and has a finish similar to that of a brownie in the way it leaves its mark on the palate. The most influential players in the profile are still the dry pepper and spices, and the dry notes of hickory wood and hay. For those of you who occasionally like to err on the side of masochism, I’d advise you treat yourself to a retrohale – it’ll add a spark of excitement to your evening.


Final Third:

Baring down the final third of the Miami Reserva retains most of the same profile as the rest of the cigar. The brunt of the pepper and spice has descended into the afterglow, but despite most of the fireworks being over, the Miami Reserva is still offering plenty in the way of flavor. It is a Nicaraguan Puro after all, you’ll never see it striped of it’s characteristics as bold, rich, and robust. A red carpet of pure tobacco flavor is growing with every puff, entering the center stage, escorted by an entourage of earthy barnyard notes and powdery cocoa.

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar Review

Construction and Burn:

The Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva is certainly well rolled. The draw is near perfect; smooth and slightly firm, but not overly so. The burn line required a couple touch ups, but by in large it burned consistent throughout. The only flaw I found was that despite it’s rugged looks, the wrapper can be a bit fragile. It can be the nature of the beast occasionally, but like with anything lavish, it’s worth the necessary care for what it brings to the table.

 Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Cigar Review


Overall the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva is a fantastic smoke. It smokes brilliantly, and encompasses everything a cigar should be. Much like a Ferrari 458, the Miami Reserva manages to deliver a visceral and enthralling sense of savage power that has been tamed; disciplined to maintain balance and composure but never losing touch of it’s primeval nature. It’s an impeccable cigar in any price point, but at $7.25-$9ish and readily available inventory, the Miami Reserva is a cigar that should be reached for on a regular basis. Everything about this cigar exudes talent, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not smoking a few of these.



4 out of 5

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