Casa Fernandez Miami Review

Aganorsa is one of the largest growers of tobacco in Central America, keeping hundreds of acres of tobacco farms operating in Nicaragua and growing some of the most flavorful tobacco’s to come out of the Jalapa Valley, Esteli, and the Condega Valley. If you haven’t heard of Aganorsa, then maybe you have heard of Casa Fernandez, the cigar line produced by Aganorsa using their own tobacco’s. Growing on 1200 acres each year, Aganorsa produces nearly 15,000 bales of tobacco annually, enough tobacco to make millions upon millions of cigars. They count some of the biggest names in the industry as clients, including Altadis, Padron, and Illusione along with many others. Using old world Cuban growing techniques and disease resistant hybrid Cuban seeds, Aganorsa produces some of the finest tobacco’s in the world. Using those very tobacco’s, Aganorsa released a cigar called Casa Fernandez Miami, a cigar named after where it is rolled, at a small factory that Fernandez owns in Little Havana. The Casa Fernandez Miami became an instant hit here at CK and today, we take a look at the Casa Fernandez Miami toro.

Casa Fernandez Miami

Size: Toro 6 ½ x 52

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Flavor: Full

Cost: $7.50/stick or $100.95/box of 15

Appearance: The powdered cocoa brown wrapper on the Casa Fernandez Miami is inviting and compliments the band on the cigar nicely. Toothy without much oil and a few veins running the length of the cigar, the wrapper looks robust and hearty. The band is a combination of colors including dark brown, cream, and faded gold with the company’s F logo in a maroon like color taking center stage. It is well designed without being ostentatious. There is also a foot band with a similar design with the word Miami as the centerpiece. While I prefer cellophane from a protection standpoint, cigars do look nice in the box without cello, and while these come without it, at least they use a band around the foot to protect it. I wish more companies who preferred to not use cello would take this approach.

Casa Fernandez Miami

Pre-light Aroma: The Casa Fernandez Miami comes at you with some strong scents on the foot, primarily a sweet granola scent. Its a fun combination of raisin, wheat, and nuts that leaves a lasting scent through the nose. The wrapper has a feint hint of the same but adds a more woodsy aroma along with a slight musky scent. Overall I am quite excited to see what the smoke will be like. The draw before the light is very easy with a sharp taste of green grass and tart apple, not at all what I expected.

The Casa Fernandez Miami lights quickly under the torch flame and hits the tongue with an ample amount of thick, palate coating smoke. An intense flavor of smoked meat, hay, and a strong nuttiness hit your palate hard and linger between puffs. The retrohale provides a strong spice that really isn’t present on the tongue at all. About an inch in the meatiness starts to fade and a faint sweetness starts to come into play. The strength started around medium-full and has been building up to this point and around an inch in really hits the full bodied point.

Casa Fernandez Miami

The sweetness that was trying to come forward in the first third really hits a crescendo in this 2nd third, taking over the meatiness completely and adding a delicious layer of flavor over the nuts and spice. The combination of flavors on the tongue is very apparent with each one holding its own without overpowering another. The sweetness comes in the form of a rich caramel and when paired with the almond like flavor, creates a dessert like taste on your tongue. The spice in the retrohale gives a nice contrast for your tastebuds and creates a nice complexity between flavors.

The final third brings back some of the smoked meat flavor but with a salty quality to it. The spice is still evident on the retrohale and the strength has stayed at the full bodied mark most of the way through the stick at this point. The caramel and salted meat make for an interesting combo that tastes better than it sounds and create a distinct finish to this Casa Fernandez Miami. Aganorsa makes what I would consider some of the most underrated sticks on the market today between the Aganorsa Leaf, Aresenio and Miami lines but I would definitely check this out when you see them. Great stick when you are looking for something with big flavor and a nice kick.

Casa Fernandez Miami

Cigar King Staff Quotes:

Joe: “The Casa Fernandez Miami is great with a nice scotch, after a big meal, on the patio enjoying a cool evening breeze.”

Josh: “The tobacco they use in this blend is so good. Clean with a lot of great, strong flavors.”

Mitchel: “Aganorsa grows a very distinct tobacco in terms of flavor. This represents that flavor so well.”

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