Cigar King Launches The Cigar King Podcast!

The Cigar King Podcast

Hello everyone,

Today we are proud to announce the launch of The Cigar King Podcast! This is a new venture for us, but something I have personally wanted to do for quite a long time. The Cigar King Podcast will largely be dedicated to audio interviews with individuals across the cigar industry. Blenders, rollers, businessmen, you name it – we’ll be talking to them. We’re shooting for 2 interviews per month, but that might be accelerated based on demand. Additionally, we may branch out into a weekly or bi-weekly podcast more oriented around casual cigar discussion with the Cigar King staff and friends. That’s just an idea for now though. Be sure to let us know who you would like to see interviewed in the comment section below!


Currently we have two interviews up for you to enjoy; an interview with Dr. Alejandro Cuenca, owner and president of Joya de Nicaragua. Dr. Cuenca holds a PhD in Economics from Vanderbuilt University. Additionally, Dr. Cuenca held the position of Minister of Foreign Trade in Nicaragua after the Sandinista’s took control of Nicaragua in 1979. We talked for just under an hour about a wide variety of topics, from cigars to the culture of Nicaragua. Speaking personally, I felt incredibly privileged to sit with this man privately for a discussion.

Cigars on a budget

You can listen to the full interview with Dr. Alejandro Cuenca here.


The second interview we have available for you to enjoy is with Michael Giannini. Michael is a veteran of the industry, having clocked over 30 years of experience. He’s held high positions within General Cigar Company, most notably as the Director of Marketing for La Gloria Cubana. Nowadays he’s embraced his creative side as the mastermind for Foundry Cigars. Due to time constraints, we were only allotted half an hour to talk, but we covered a lot of ground. Michael is an incredibly passionate guy, and a personal friend of the Cigar King family. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with him.

The Cigar King Podcast - Michael Giannini

Check out our full interview with Michael Giannini here.


We’d like to thank you all for the continued support of Cigar King! There will be a post on The Cigar King Blog whenever we post a new episode, but you can subscribe to the full podcast here:

Also, you can subscribe to The Cigar King Podcast on iTunes to listen to the podcast on your computer or from your phone! You’ll receive a notification whenever we debut a new episode!

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