Curivari BuenaVentura Review

We’ve reviewed and talked about Curivari in the past with several of our blog posts. One of the newest makers to the market and one of the hottest brands in our humidor, Curivari has quickly become a shop favorite here at CK. The newest blend from the masters blenders at Curivari is called the BuenaVentura and boasts an outstanding price point, big flavor, and a slightly fuller body then the rest of the Curivari lineup. Using all Nicaraguan tobacco’s has payed off for Curivari and this is no different for them, why fix what’s not broke right? Using a blend of Criollo and Corojo tobacco’s has created some interesting, complex, and very tasty cigars under the Curivari label, so lets get down to business and see what the BuenaVentura does for us!

Curivari BuenaVentura BV560

Size: BV560 5 ½ x 56

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Plus

Flavor: Medium-Full

Cost: $5.50/stick or $54.95/box of 10

Appearance: The first thing I notice about the Curivari BuenaVentura is the soft box press they used for this line. The edges are still rounded and it is almost hard to tell it is box pressed but it looks great. The wrapper is a medium brown and has a very slight oily sheen to it. The wrapper is also very well applied with the seams being nearly invisible and carrying a slight tooth to it as well. The band is simple yet elegant, gold trim with a dark purplish brown color and the words BuenaVentura in white. Nothing over the top yet it does stand out on the shelf. The stick is just the right amount of spongy without any soft or hard spots and the triple cap is neatly applied, the construction seems spot on.

Curivari BuenaVentura BV560

Pre-light Aroma: The Curivari BuenaVentura provides a very sweet smell off the foot, both floral and candy sweet. It is both chocolate raisin and a floral bouquet, an intriguing combination that I don’t recall getting in combination before. The wrapper is more floral in scent without the candy sweetness and carries a slight barnyard aroma as well. The pre-light draw provides a heavy blast of grass and hay and is quite easy. The box press shape helps the 56 ring gauge feel smaller then it is and is quite comfortable in the mouth for being so big.

The foot toasted evenly and lit effortlessly and the BuenaVentura BV560 immediately provides ample amounts of smoke. Even resting the cigar puts off quite a bit of smoke, though not so much as to be a bother. The biggest flavor out of the gate is very earthy, a palate pleasing mix of leather and oak that lingers after each puff. The nose provides much of the same and really brings out the flavor in big way. The leather and oak flavors seem to battle back and forth on each puff, one more leathery with the next being oak in flavor. The strength is a solid medium to this point with the burn being sharp as you could ask for.

Curivari BuenaVentura BV560

The 2nd third of this Curivari BuenaVentura keeps a lot of the same flavors from the initial portion of the stick. The oak and leather is still shining through but a bit of chocolate has also crept into the flavor profile. The sweetness is a nice contrast to the sharp oak flavors that have dominated the profile thus far. The strength has gone up slightly to a high medium and I don’t see it getting to the full point. Through the nose you can really taste the chocolate flavor and the smoke continues to be high output. The burn line is still spot on, a testament to the great construction of this box-pressed beauty.

In the final third of the Curivari BuenaVentura the chocolate subsides and an earthy taste takes the forefront. It isn’t the oak or leather that was apparent at the start, but a more rich, complex earthy flavor. It is hard to equate to something specific but it is a nice taste none-the-less. The strength on these is stronger than other Curivari lines but not a huge jump by any means. The flavors are pronounced and don’t overpower each other very often throughout. Once you factor in the price-point, this is an easy to recommend cigar to most people. If you would like to order the Curivari BuenaVentura, you can do so by clicking here.

Curivari BuenaVentura BV560

Cigar King Staff Quotes:

Mitchel: “I’ve been a fan of Curivari since I came across them at the IPCPR. This only solidifies my love of them.”

Josh: “Curivari hasn’t made a cigar I don’t like yet. The BuenaVentura didn’t change that, it only made me like the whole line more!”

Kole: “The box press shape and big flavors won me over and then some.”

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