El Titan de Bronze Redemption Review

El Titan de Bronze is one of the few cigar manufacturer’s left who rolls their product solely in the U.S. Made at a small factory in the Little Havana district of Miami, El Titan de Bronze is a true boutique manufacturer. Family owned and operated since 1995 with the original intent of just local distribution, they have grown immensely since their beginning, now producing not only their own brand but also for several other well know manufacturers. Using top level rollers and an old Cuban style of rolling, El Titan de Bronze produces some true gems in the cigar world at a wonderful price point. Today we will be taking a look into the line known as Redemption, specifically the lancero vitola.

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Lancero

Size: Lancero 6 ¾ x 38

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Plus

Flavor: Full

Cost: $5.95/stick or $101.95/box of 20

Appearance: The Habano wrapper on this El Titan de Bronze Redemption is rough, both in look and feel. Mottled with plenty of tooth, it is a dark reddish-brown with just one minor vein running down the cigar. No soft spots can be felt down the length of the cigar and the seams are nearly invisible, a good sign of quality construction. The cap has a pigtail fanned out from the head, a nice touch that really sets off the look of the stick. The bands are simple and elegant, white with gold trim and blue lettering. The main band says El Titan de Bronze Redemption with a second band beneath it denoting the Sun Grown Habano wrapper.

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Lancero

Pre-light Aroma: Before flame has even touched the leaf, the aroma is pungent and strong in your nose. The wrapper has a distinct barnyard aroma, a combination of sweet, fresh hay, earth, and a slight ammonia twang. The foot emits a wonderful chocolate scent over a cinnamon spice, more along the lines of what I expected with it being a sun grown Habano leaf. The draw is just right and gives a nice sweet hay flavor on the tongue with a peppery spice that tickles the throat.

The first thing I noticed about the El Titan de Bronze Redemption lancero was the copious amounts of smoke it produced once lit. Lancero’s aren’t typically known for making loads of smoke but this filled your mouth with a rich and thick smoke with each puff. The dominating flavor is a very pronounced earth with a leathery undertone and a slight spice in the throat and nose. The smoke is smooth and medium in strength with a fairly even burn. The challenge with any lancero is to keep it lit without smoking too fast at the risk of turning the cigar sour, this one seems to have a little more forgiveness than others.

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Lancero

The 2nd third provided much of the same, both in terms of flavor and strength. There was an added layer of a sweet nougat flavor however, which was a nice contrast to the heavy cedar and earth tones that dominated the front of this cigar. The spice remains on the backend and the construction has been perfect so far. The draw is still easy, the ash holds tight for around an inch and the burn line has stayed consistent to this point. The strength has crept into the medium-plus range at this point but doesn’t seem to be gaining any further.

The final third of this El Titan de Bronze Redemption lancero is noticeably sweeter then the start. The nougat flavor has overtaken the cedar as the dominant flavor and creates a nice ending to a wonderful ride. The spice stays present from start to finish but is never intrusive and simply adds a layer of complexity to the smoke. The burn line stayed good from start to finish and the cigar never got hot despite the small ring gauge. Overall, this is a definite winner from a flavor and strength standpoint, never being too strong yet creating a wonderful ride of flavors, truly an enjoyable experience. When you factor in the price point, this is a real winner.

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Lancero

Cigar King Staff Quotes:

Josh: “A great cigar from a top notch manufacturer. They are great people making a product everyone should enjoy.”

Joe: “From the first time I smoked an El Titan de Bronze, I was enamored. Simply delicious.”

Paul: “Being a big fan of sun grown wrappers, this is near the top of my list. Great cigar from top to bottom.”

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