How have cigars and their culture impacted your life? I want to hear YOUR stories, big or small.

Cigar stories

Hello folks,

Cigars can be so much more than just a simple tobacco product. The culture and community is just as big of a part of the experience. From casual smokers to enthusiasts, cigars are a source of passion and excitement that enrich our lives. Cigars have become a ceremonial mark of some of the most important events in our lives; weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a child, graduations, and so on. So much of human experience involves seeking companionship with other people, and cigars are an incredibly valuable social tool that can be used to forge new friendships, and strengthen the bond between existing friends. A cigar lounge is a place where friends and acquaintances alike routinely gather, often daily, to share the triumphs and tragedies that take place in their lives. This ability to create a genuine sense of connectivity is cherished by many, and you need only walk into a lounge for a brief moment to see this type of camaraderie on display.

I have been a patron here at Cigar King and several other lounges for several years, and have been incredibly privileged to meet some of the most nice and genuinely interesting people I’ve ever met. I’ve sat and had the opportunity to talk to everybody from surgeons, engineers, CEOs, racing drivers, bar owners, veterans, refugee immigrants, degenerate musicians, cigar manufactures, reformed criminals, former drug addicts, and people so poor they saved for weeks to enjoy their cigar. Many of these people have been so kind as to share the stories and intimacies of their lives with me, a privileged that I can’t even begin to describe its value.

So I reach out to you, dear reader. I would like to start a series on this blog dedicated to sharing the stories of how cigars and their culture have impacted your life. Please share whatever stories you wish, big or small, good or bad, funny or sad. It can be a story of how you celebrated an occasion, an experience in a B&M that had a strong impact on you, or a time when you smoked a cigar too ease the pain of a negative event, or whatever – it doesn’t matter. So long as the story holds meaning with you, I want to hear it.

Send your best cigar stories to If and when these stories are published, I can either give credit to you by name, or have it be anonymous if you prefer.

Cigar stories

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I am an enthusiast of all things cigars - from the experience of smoking, to becoming engrossed in their culture. In an age increasingly dominated by technology and automated manufacturing, I consciously strive to retain an appreciation for pursuits based around concepts like craftsmanship, passion, and artistic expression. I believe that quirks and flaws are often what gives art its beauty. I aim to embrace both the good and the bad in my writing, as I think both sides of the coin are necessary to capture something in its entirety. In my spare time I enjoy reading, exceeding speed limits, and nursing my fetish for all things Koenigsegg Automotive.
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