Easily one of, if not the most exciting cigars this year comes courtesy of Cubanacan Cigars, formerly Mederos Cigars, with the unveiling of their newest project – HR. These seemingly ambiguous set of letters are in fact a set of initials, belonging to none other than Hirochi Robaina. While that name will no doubt ring a bell with many, I suspect that a fair percentage of cigar smokers in the United States may be unfamiliar with the Robaina name.

Authors Note: I have opted to write a relatively brief but comprehensive history of the Robaina family. If you are already familiar with the Robaina family, or simply have no interest, feel free to scroll past the introduction and straight to the specifications. Thanks!

The story of the Robaina family is really the story of three men, and it would be a disservice to the family’s legacy to not acknowledge each of them at least briefly. The Robaina family has been a staple in Cuban tobacco since they began operations in 1845. While not the man who originally entered the family into the tobacco business, Maruto Robaina is the man responsible for planting the seeds for the family to rise to prominence in the tobacco industry in Cuba. Through continuous finesse and care, the Robaina’s became known for having incredibly high yields of tobacco suitable for wrapper leaf. At one point in the family’s legacy, they were seeing suitable yields of around 80%, while nearly every other farm was seeing yields of around 30%. Their tobacco has been used, at one point or another, in many of Havana’s most famous blends.


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