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Hello everyone,

Today I’m pleased to bring you our latest audio interview on The Cigar King Podcast with Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum and CLE Cigars, and formerly a part of Camacho Cigars and the lighter company Colibri. This past Thursday we had the pleasure of doing dinner with Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, the men behind CLE and Asylum Cigars at the famous Sanctuary Resort and Spa. It was a night of great people, beautiful weather, and of course – great cigars. The following evening we had Tom Lazuka at the store for an in-store event, and I was able to pull Tom aside for 45 minutes to sit down and talk about cigars, booze, and the struggles of life on the road. A big thank you to both Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa for coming out and having a blast with us!

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– Joseph Carroll

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