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NEW YORK, NY (January 27, 2014) – Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World since 1930, has promoted two executives, and appointed an experienced industry professional, to its corporate leadership team. Michael Herklots was promoted to Vice President, Retail & Brand Development, Brendon B. Scott was promoted to Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Matt Spillane has joined as Vice President, National Sales for Nat Sherman cigarette products. In these positions, Mr. Herklots, Mr. Scott and Mr. Spillane will sit on the Nat Sherman Executive Committee. The announcement was made today jointly by Larry Sherman and Bill Sherman, Executive Vice Presidents of Nat Sherman International.

“Our father, Joel Sherman has always said, ‘If a person is known by the company they keep, then a company is known by the people it keeps.’ Michael and Brendon have made a wonderful contribution and are truly deserving of this recognition,” said Larry Sherman. “Success can be measured in many ways, but having extraordinary professionals who are steadfastly and passionately committed to furthering the Nat Sherman brand and business is extremely gratifying for our family. We are truly appreciative of what our leadership team has accomplished, and we are confident they will play an extremely meaningful role in the continued development and growth of Nat Sherman.”

Michael Herklots Nat Sherman

Michael Herklots

Mr. Herklots, a Certified Master Tobacconist, will continue to report to Bill Sherman for all matters relating to product innovation, to Larry Sherman with regard to retail operations, and to both Bill Sherman and Larry Sherman with respect to brand development and expansion. Since joining the Company in June 2011, Mr. Herklots has been responsible for developing and innovating Nat Sherman’s cigar offerings and wholesale distribution, as well as for overseeing and expanding the Company’s retail business at the iconic Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City, and in conjunction with other retail partners throughout the United States.

Brendan Scott Nat Sherman

Brendan Scott

Mr. Scott, who joined Nat Sherman Inc., in 2009, will report to Bill Sherman and continue to be responsible for the financial management of the business and operations. A Certified Public Accountant with more than two decades of professional experience, he has worked with several of the country’s foremost accounting and finance firms, including Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and W.R. Huff Asset Management.

Matt Spillane Nat Sherman

Matt Spillane

Mr. Spillane, an accomplished industry veteran with more than fifteen years of beverage and tobacco experience, will play an instrumental role in Nat Sherman’s longstanding and iconic cigarette business. He will be responsible for, and oversee sales and distribution of Nat Sherman cigarette products, reporting to Larry Sherman. In addition to sales and distribution, Mr. Spillane will be focusing his efforts on customer alignment, organizational development, execution leadership and innovation excellence. Prior to joining Nat Sherman, Mr. Spillane held various management positions with such leading firms as Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Pepsi Bottling Group and Philip Morris USA.

About Nat Sherman

Founded by Nat Sherman in 1930 and family-guided for three generations, Nat Sherman continues to define the authentic tobacco experience. Through a tradition of innovation and expertly crafted products, Nat Sherman’s timeless appeal, while quintessentially New York, is embraced and enjoyed worldwide. Nat Sherman fine cigarettes are sold around the world, while Nat Sherman premium cigars are available at certified retail tobacconists in the United States. Visit the world of Nat Sherman at the iconic Nat Sherman Townhouse on 42nd Street in the heart of New York City, and learn more at

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