Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Corona Gorda Cigar Review

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review

Back in late May, Cigar King had both the pleasure and the privilege of hosting the launch of the Nestor Miranda Collection, the cigar designed by Miami Cigar Co. Vice President, Jason Wood, which commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Miami Cigar Co. and the work of Nestor Miranda.

The Nestor Miranda Collection is the replacement of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection, and features three blends; a Connecticut, a Habano, and a Maduro. While the Connecticut retains the same blend as its predecessor, both the Habano and the Maduro are both more or less entirely new. Comprised of a Nicaraguan Habano and a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro respectively, both cigars utilize Nicaraguan tobacco in the binder, and a mix of Brazilian, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco in their filler. All three are manufactured at My Father Cigars S.A.. For today’s review we’ll be firing up the Maduro.

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review


Cigar: Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro

Size: Corona Gorda 6×46

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Brazilian, Honduran, and Nicaraguan

Price: $7.25-$9.50 depending on size


Appearance and Pre-light Aroma:

The outward appearance of the Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro makes no bones about what it is. This is a purpose-driven hearty Nicaraguan cigar that isn’t going to spend huge amounts of effort to look pretty. Make no mistake, the cigar is certainly well constructed, but is overall rustic looking in its presentation. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is an oily deep rich brown with a noticeable layer of tooth. While the wrapper is largely smooth, the veins that are present are quite pronounced.

People often poke fun at reviewers for using flamboyant descriptors, but in this case it is simply unavoidable. The foot of the Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro smells distinctly of a rich dark chocolate. In addition, one quickly picks up heavy doses of earth, soil, and leather.

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review

First Third:

Through the first few puffs there are traces of both the familiar and the unfamiliar. The profile is Pepin-esque, at least in a vague sense, but the Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro does not taste like a My Father product. It stands as something unique, which was a smart move, as this cigar being simply another My Father cigar would have likely been a disservice to both parties. Strength is at a firm medium, while both body and flavor contain a fair bit more intensity. Strong notes of sweet earth are first to capture the attention, with texture that is both meaty and creamy. Tied within is an undertone of powdered coco, and roasted coffee notes. There is substantially less pepper outright than one might expect, and much more of an emphasis on a genuine sense of ‘heat’ and traditional spice.

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review

Second Third:

Further into the Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro most of the intensity has leveled off a bit, resting somewhere in the medium-full spectrum all around. Balance has evolved nicely, with some savory preserved meat notes taking on some real presence. Still not a whole lot in the way of pepper, and furthermore the intensity of the spice has scaled back a bit. The profile is becoming progressively more creamy, and has somewhat intertwined itself with the powdery coco picked up in the first third. Another characteristic worth noting is the strong amounts of leather found at this stage in the game, although I think this has likely been present since the first third but just wasn’t immediately apparent. The sheer amount of flavor coming from the Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro can make individual characteristics a bit obfuscated and difficult to articulate.

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review

Final Third:

As the Nestor Miranda Collection heads into its final third, we see the profile at its most earthy, and also its most relaxed. The cigar has made it’s more brazen displays earlier on, and is content to merely coast with the smoker until the end. The profile is predominantly earthy soil, coffee grounds, and leather, with nice bit of chocolate caramel sweetness to polish things off. Strength is on the stronger side of medium, but not quite up to what one might conventionally consider medium-full. Pepper and spice have largely diminished, having been replaced with a residual bit of mineral flavor.


Burn and Construction:

The Nestor Miranda Collection burns really quite well. It doesn’t feel like it’s struggling to combust like some cigars sometimes do. A wrapper touch-up once or twice was all that was ever needed.

Construction and draw were also excellent, although this comes as no surprise given that it’s rolled in the My Father Factory.

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Cigar Review


The Nestor Miranda Collection as a whole, spanning the Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro are all really tasty sticks. In the case of the NMC Maduro specifically as it stands today, this cigar is a flavor bomb with a good blend of earth, sweetness, and spice. It encompasses a lot of what I think of when I think of Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigar meets the definition of adjectives like “hearty”, “robust”, and “savory” in every sense of those terms.

The Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro is a quality stick as it is, but I think its real-time to shine will be in around one to two years from now. The potential is high with this one, I’m pretty heavily anticipating that these will be something exceptional with some time for the tobacco to gain maturity. One can already detect plenty of formations of complexity, with a little time to come to fruition this should be a truly exciting cigar. I have around 10 stashed in the humidor, we may see this review revisited in a year or so.



3.5 out of 5

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